Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Laser Engraver Arrived

My Laser Engraver has Arrived finally after so long waiting. came on the 22nd ordered back in November 13th 2007

Its a big machine of 44" x 37" x 52" or so in external size. It was well packaged in its crate. the delivery guy was a total waster who did not bring the machine to my house but dropped it at end of road in tonnes of rain.

We got it to the main shed to storage for the night with the help of a neighbour's tractor and front bale lifter. Blasted rain we were soaked by the time it was got to the shed. Had to wrap the thing in plastic to make it cat proof. Plastic used was for protecting furniture while painting, its also the thinnest plastic I have seen in my life.

Laser then spent a day in the shed as the infernal Irish rain was still coming down nonstop. Floods all over the place.

Third day the 24th the rain stopped! finally I could get my Machine out of the crate and into its new home. A small ugly portacabin but functional. Keeps the noise away as well. My brother helped me get the cabin in shape or rather out of shape. As to get the laser in we had to cut the cabin below the window to the ground, remove 4 bolts holding the steel and remove the windows itself. Then we removed the wooden sheet from the interior of the wall which was firmly glued to the insulation foam. Then that section was swung out like a big door. The laser was moved from the shed to the cabin by using the crate walls as a sort of rolling road. We tied a rope to the machine legs and I pushed. A ramp was created with bricks and crate sides and the laser was shoved into the cabin. At which point it was obvious cabin was small and laser was big!

I am currently getting it to work and trying to find some basic stuff in this annoying country. I need a 6 inch duct pipe as the machine has a 6 inch connection. This is annoying as the Manual shows a 4 inch connection from the Outside back of the machine while mine has a 6 inch connection Inside the machine. I need a reducer and the idiot in the hardware shop had no idea what I wanted. got a short length of 4" vent pipe and it turned out to be a ripoff its cheap and crap quality need to find one of heavier construction and the reducer.

Distilled water was also annoying to find another rip off but this is Ireland and I work with what I can get. I needed 10L and by right 15L for the cooler machine that cools the laser tube. I could only could get 10L and that with being charged twice as much for the second container as the first and then finding the expiry was gone out bt a few years hen I got home.

Blasted Chinese plugs I have three to replace with proper plugs probably get some kettle leads some place as they will do fine.

I need acetone, isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, lint free lens tissue/cloth and powder free gloves as I have to clean the optics from all the crap dust and bits of foam in the machine. Opened the focus assembly and the amount of junk in the air cone was unreal lens of course has crap on it as well and I found a fingerprint on one of the mirrors.

Laser Blog more info, further machine details and projects I will be doing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008