Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why The Hell is Ebay Still So Damm slow is so bloody slow it is unbelievable. When I first joined Ebay before they screwed it up so much it was quick enough to run 2 pages at once to keep track of auction while bidding. Now it tends to get so slow I am lucky to get 1 page load in 15 seconds and have no chance to quick check an auction. It can get so bad with the infernal memory leak that has only recently appeared taht it can use 400+mb of ram and be so slow a valium using tortise would move faster. I do not experiece this problem to such an extent on or Where i have taken to using to browse before transfering item numbers into to i canget payments showing up in my money.
Another Really annoying problem is You cannot see the postage of items when browsing it justs says "See description" which means having to check every item you are intrested in making it even more slow that it was to begin with. You also cannot select "show lowset price+postage" either.
I really am hating