Saturday, December 3, 2011

lookover of past posts

I had a lookover of some of my past posts and I can say I made a few rants. Should really make some more given the goverment and such but it''ll thow normal post vs rant posts off.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

damm email cloners

Been getting emails from myself, except this clone is coming from minsk, in belarus via Mobile TeleSystems JLLC servers. Claims email is part of MSN Featured Offer Newsletter, now if it was really from them I would be even more pissed. As it is I am pissed off with the email cloning monkey shaggers. Use your own emails to sell your useless russian rolex rip offs.
19 damm hops though american citys and poland, direct place is hidden.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer Beer - Brewday

Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer kit.
This is the Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer kit.
Contains the 2 1.6kg 1.4lt cans of extract.
Pack of yeast 6g
and a info leaflet showing some general brewing notes and the other beers in the range.
Muntons other kitsSanta winter Warmer - Notes.Muntons Santa Winter Warmer - FrontMuntons Santa Winter Warmer - Back
Front and back of the Kit box.

Muntons Santa Winter Warmer - Instructions
Instructions for brewing. I got slightly confused with the 36 metric pints = 18ltr thing and ended up with 19lt of wort, not 20.5lt as supposed to have.
The kit means 36 Imperial pints each 568ml not Metric pints Each 500ml. Basically I am 3 pints short. This means I underbrewed, which will result in a stronger brew. It also means I have less to drink.

Muntons Winter Warmer in the Fermenter
Both big cans of muntons santa winter warmer are in the fermenter after warming the cans up on both sides. Very dark colour and strong taste to this beer unlike what I have done before.
Both tins filled with boiling water and tossed in fermenter as well to get the maximum out and increased boiling water content.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Ready for Cold Water

All mixed up including the cold water to the 19lt mark whih i had got into head was basically right, I was worried I had actually gone over with the water. Its only now I realise I was short.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Spinning

The Wort is given a good stir and agitation to get the oxygen down into the wort and doubly make sure it will be all mixed up correctly.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Hydrometer O.G. 1.054

Muntons Winter Warmer hydrometer reading a O.G. 1.054. should finish in the range of a F.G. of 1.015.
I like how the photo actually worked this time without blurring and the hydrometer actually pointed in right direction. Also distint lack of the damm fogging which usually shows when I take readings.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Stick on Thermometer.

The stick on Thermometer described as "Large Self Adhesive Liquid Crystal Thermometer (10
to 40 oC, Vertical" is a POR. I don't like it and it don't seem to be working for shit either.
Supposed to be displaying 24-25°C.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Boxed

I have the muntons winter warmer beer in a box lined with foam sheet and the white packing foam. No 2nd waterbath so I have to use primitive methods like this. Enough crap I get when doing this, imagine the crap when the kegs show up and I'm looking for a fridge.
One thing remove airlock before moving fermenter, or you lose some of your vodka.

Muntons Winter Warmer - insulated

Have taken the fermenter and coveded it up as best I can to try and keep the heat in. Not much sign of a krasen yet. Thee is some acivity with a rush of c02 from the airlock andf the lid is domed with pressure. I believe that airlocks have to wear in. The Triple which went like a lunatic with the waterbath heating it used the airlock from the Coopers canadian blonde. The bubble of co2 slips around the loop much easier than this one which "sticks" despite the pressure.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Turbo Cider - with Capri Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shots drinks packs

I have gone and made an attempt at a turbo cider made with Capri Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shots drinks packs. They are small 200ml packs with an SG of juice is 1.044 near as I can make out on the hydrometer. This is 24g of sugar

Absolut vodka used as mini Demijohn.
newest turbo cider is Capri-Sun and 2 x "sun shots" by Rio Doro which are aldi version of the drink.

1 x Capri-Sun (contains 10.5g sugar per 200ml)
2 x Sun shots (each contains 11.2g sugar per 200ml)
50g of plain sugar tesco brand
50ml tap water
Absolute bottle 700ml (1 L is better but I not have.)
Youngs Wine Super Yeast Compound 1/4th teaspoon

Mix sugar and warmish water until mostly mixed, wait till cools to 25c°C. Add the yeast wait for 1hr to get going, add rest of juice. Shake the hell out of it to oxygenate it for yeast to breath, take SG.
SG of juice 1.034
OG of final mix 1.065.
A padded envelope makes a insulated jacked / mess container of just the right size for this botle.
No bubbler airlock as the cap is closed to touching and rotated back 1/8 turn. Since the Absolut bottle cap is a bit sloppy it will when about right rise and make a clap on coming down as it works as dry airlock.

Capri-Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shot Turbo cider - juice packs. Capri cider day 0

Friday, August 26, 2011

Coopers Canadian Blonde Kit - look at

Coopers Canadian Blonde
Coopers Canadian Blonde Kit a metal can of extract required for making beer. There was a small dent as it was not boxed aside from 1" of foam bubble wrap stuck to base.

Coopers Canadian Blonde cap
The yeast is under the cap in this can.
not opened yet hence no pic of yeast.

This looks like old style packaging used on the old coopers kit. The one with the good fermenter not the floppy one.

Coopers Yeast
Golden Mylar 7g packet of Coopers brewing yeast from the Canadian Blonde kit.

Coopers Canadian Blonde Can End
Bottom can end of the Coopers Canadian Blonde can, the instructions and the yeast are on top of this under the plastic cover. You open the Bottom of the can to extract the malt.

Coppers Instructions Booklet Coppers Instructions Booklet P1-4Coppers Instructions Booklet P5-7
This is the instructions booklet you get under the plastic cover along with the yeast packet.

This is the instructions booklet you get under the plastic cover abnong with the yeast packet.
Pages 1 to 4 P1 Record beer details here. Handy for all brewing. Canadian blonde and 1034 OG for me.
P2 a welcome from coopers, requirements and cleaning.
P3 To clean, Sanitising, Useful formula for Determining Alcohol ContentP4 How to mix up the kit.
Pages 5-7P5 Brewing and Temperature control, it says 21-27°C but general advises to avoid going above 24°C. As is distrupts the taste.
P6 Bottling 6g white sugar per 750ml. But since they sell 500ml bottles it would be 4g per bottle or 1 1/2 Carbonation drops a bottle.
Bottom is a warning your country may twist its knickers if you sell the beer without its permission.
P7 is Common Faults and Brewing notes for European Lager basically Coopers European Lagar is a low temp yeast. which means moothing for

Home Brewing Kit

I have decided to try my hand at home brewing a beer for myself. there are no Local home brewing shops in my county so its online for me. Otherwise its a 100 mile round trip, sod that i can get delivered for fiver.

Ordered a BrewSmarter Premium Starter Beer Kit with is the bottler and heater belt and a 33lt fermenter & Coopers Canadian Blonde kit as a upgrade. Got the Brewing sugar as recommended and the Coopers Carbonation drops. Also got various paddles and a capper for glass bottle then bought 2 packs of Coopers Ox-Bar 500ml PET bottles as they are supposed to keep the beer good for longer with a special coating.

33lt Fermenter bucketLittle Bottler System
The Fermenter and the "Little Bottle" bottling wand and tap.

Airlocks and Bung Glass Demijohn 5L airlock
3 Airlocks - 1 with bung for the Demi John and 2 for the fermenters.

Brew Belt "De-luxe" Telescopic Syphon
A heater for the fermenter and a "Deluxe syphon", buy the auto its easier than this.

Hydrometer and Trial Jar
Hydrometer this is bloody important piece of kit. Stupid hexagon base keeps falling off.

Coopers Canadian Blonde
Coopers Canadian Blonde kit, no kit means no beer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spirits of Hartshorn

Spirits of Hartshorn
grind up hooves & horn originally deer. basically similiar organic material.
Add Slacked lime (Calcium hydroxide)
Heat to distill
Condense vapor to liquid.

4.30Min -6min

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scam Email Tracing cause I'm bored

Lets see, I get a bunch of spamtastic crap emails regularly and more recently they all carry viruses which is annoying to hell and back. But at least they are blocked.

Claims to be Mrs. Catherine Windy from South Africa. Nigeria specifically :).
Originating-IP: or Guangzhou, China or about 6930 miles from where she claims to be. Also like to mention "GOD" a lot in all caps.
Money: $12 million

Claims to be: Bank of America Corporation
from Houston, Texas, 77002 about 4 of these
looking for account details for a account I don't have.

another money scam
Claims to be Barr Wilson Matata attorney
sent via an Austrailian Email server with a french email account but is from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. otherwise know as never heard of it.
Money $11 million this time.

4: AOL account
Sydney, Australia actually from Slovenia and another from San Antonio, Texas 78229.
Looking for Billing information for a AOL account I don't have, I don't even like AOL, The CDs I used to have were turned into room decorations for sister and Frisbee's.

5: Twitter messages
Russian emails from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Claiming I have 2 messages except I dont have twithead acount.
Punched the real address into url site and it came up with malware, which was obvious. Status bar that displays the real url of something is a good thing.
Anyway what would I twit about, Took a big crap and blocked the tiolet, now more depresed than ever, massive migraine?