Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newsettlement has more posts added to it

Newsettlement has more posts added to it and will be expanding further along with the fallout mod of the same name when it is release as public beta.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nifskope Blender.nif to Fallout.nif

video 14:40
Select Your object
9 NiTriStripsData - RClk - Block - Copy

Select ashtray01.nif
6 NiTriStrips -
In Block Details - select "Data" - Rclk - Block Paste
OR 10 NiTriStripsData - Rclk - Paste Over

6 NiTriStrips - BSShaderTextureSet -
In Block Details - Textures and find textures

(4)video 16:20 Glow Maps adding - Missing in my Nifskope
Select 3rd slot - Load Glow texture
BSShaderPPLightingProperty -
In Block Details - Shader Flags - check SF_MULTIPLE_TEXTURES & SF_EMPTY
Select - NiMaterialProperty
In Block Details - Emissive Color -DblClk - drag to Right (White) - OK
EmitMulti is amount of glow

SAVE File in case you Fuck up Collision

(5)Adding Collision Video 17:20
Select Ashtray.nif - NiTriStripsData -Rclk - Remove

Select bhkCollisionObject - 3 bhkConvexVerticesShape- Rclk - Block - Remove

Select YourObject.nif - 10 NiTriStrips - 11 NiTriStripsData - RClk - Block - Copy

Select Ashtray.nif - 0 BSFadeNode- Rclk - Block - Insert - Havok - bhkNiTriStripsShape

Select 1 bhkNiTriStripsShape
In Block details - Materials Choose - HAV_MAT_whatever it is
Select Num Strips Data - 1
Strips Data - DblClk - Strips Data - Rclk - Block - Paste

Select 1 bhkNiTriStripsShape
In Block details - Scale - X:1 Y:1 Z:1

Select 1 bhkNiTriStripsShape - Rclk - Havok - Pack Strips

Select 3 bhkNiTriStripsShape - Rclk - Block - Remove Branch

Select 2 bhkPackedNiTriStripsShape
In Block details - Scale Copy - X:1 Y:1 Z:1
In Block details - Scale - X:1 Y:1 Z:1

Select 2 bhkPackedNiTriStripsShape- Rclk - Block - Copy Branch

Select bhkCollisionObject - 5 bhkRigidBody
In Block details - Shape - Block - Paste Branch

Select 2 bhkPackedNiTriStripsShape- Rclk - Block - Remove Branch

Save as YourObject03.nif

Copy Mesh to Custom folder in Data folder in FO3 -
Finished Nifskope - GECK Time!

(19)Keep Mod files seperate from Fallout 3 Data folde copies as FO3 damages them!!!
video 20:00

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why The Hell is Ebay Still So Damm slow is so bloody slow it is unbelievable. When I first joined Ebay before they screwed it up so much it was quick enough to run 2 pages at once to keep track of auction while bidding. Now it tends to get so slow I am lucky to get 1 page load in 15 seconds and have no chance to quick check an auction. It can get so bad with the infernal memory leak that has only recently appeared taht it can use 400+mb of ram and be so slow a valium using tortise would move faster. I do not experiece this problem to such an extent on or Where i have taken to using to browse before transfering item numbers into to i canget payments showing up in my money.
Another Really annoying problem is You cannot see the postage of items when browsing it justs says "See description" which means having to check every item you are intrested in making it even more slow that it was to begin with. You also cannot select "show lowset price+postage" either.
I really am hating

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh Ostrich eggs Arrived

The ostrich eggs I ordered has finally shown up. I got them from Lesa Floeck. They came a long way but they finally showed up. I Have had ostrich eggs before and they are brilliant and should keep my egg fetish at bay for a while. Next to get is Rhea eggs which I have not been able to get in ages. Last time ordered them from someone else the order was mixed up and I got shells I wanted the whole egg. So now i wait for thenm to come when they get in season.

4 Ostrich Eggs as Arrived
Yes they did arrive packed in disposable Nappies.
Ostrich Egg 1
This one is not too great in size or shell Quality, it is rather thin.
Ostrich Egg 3
A better size and quality of Ostrich egg

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emu Eggs Arrive!

4 Raw Emu Eggs on Blue towel
4 Raw Emu Eggs on Blue towel
Double yolk, Smooth Shell, Rough second and Rough good shells.
Nice fresh Emu eggs.

Emu Egg - Double Yolk
Emu Egg - Double Yolk.
This large egg proved to be a double yolked egg.

Emu Egg - Smooth Shell
Emu Egg - Smooth Shell
This egg is missing the rough outer layer and thus has this great smooth layer underneath.

Emu Egg Rought - good
Emu Egg with the more normal appearance of a rough shell and great dark green colour.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beauty or Torture Device

Got sent this by email. Apparantly is a 1933 "beauty machine". Looks like a Pinhead maker more like. How is this supposed to work, nail the face in right position? Maybe is for doing a early form of facelift but looks painful anyway.

The two minions looks like twins or very similiar at least. Maybe this is a nazi invention? middle guy does lok like some actor I cant name but say in old films.