Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sell A Car And Get A Nigerian Scammer From 9,617 Miles Away!

My brother went to sell a Toyota starlet 16v 1991 in a local online motor advertising site. He gets an email and we send more photos as requested. Now what was annoying us was this Mrs Ellis had not phoned as requested twice to do and as any normal person would do. We get another email that says to give a price despite it being on the advert. We go and give a lower price as brother wants rid of the old car and we get another email back a few hours later. This is what raises my suspicions due to its wording.

Hello,Thanks for your mail,Am highly impress with what i saw in your advert so also the price is fairly ok by me but i will like to know if payment by Bank Cheque will be ok for the payment,if ok,you are to get back to me your details below so that i can instruct my Secretary to issued and sent payment to you immediately....

Name to be on cheque:
Address where cheque will be received by you:
Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line and Office Number:

As regards the shipment,this will be handle by my shipper once you must have received your money then i will instruct down to your location my shipper to come for the pickup..i do hope this is clear with you and i will be expecting your reply.Await your Quick Response.
Mrs Ellis................

This is of course the old nigger scam.
IE: You want €600
They send a cheque for €650-700 and then want the extra money refunded
You send your refund money while waitingfor their cheque to clear.
They laugh themsevles shitless and go spend the money on whores and drugs, after making sure to send more emails to the next buch of smucks tey come across.

Nigerian Scammer IP trace

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me is the dammed problem. Too many loony animal rights PETA terrorists on the damm thing, am getting harassed by them as well. Its no wonder its called a war. PETA should be put down like the animals they think they are. Any group that values animals over humanity and regards humans as little more than animals should be stomped out. America get your act together and get rid of your domestic terrorists before you go wasting billions on the foreign terrorists. You have let Iraq goto shit when you had a chance to control it and turn it into the 53rd state. This would have given you more control of the world and forced that terrorist laden part of the world to cower in fear. It would also have raised the living standards of what is a shithole to that of a decent level of living.