Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Computer Needs To Go To Germany

Why? Because its got a damaged motherboard. What damaged it no Idea, but since the USB ports are the problem I suspect it was my sister trying to run too many things through a single port. What is wrong is that the Keyboard indicator lights all flash on and off like Christmas tree lights and doesn't work. Its on the PS2 ports, my USB mouse is non working as well.
I got my multimeter and checked the ports and the PSU. The PSU gives out the required 5V while the ports give only 3.77V. You are at the minimum supposed to be getting 4.25V so nothing works. I even took the CMOS battery out as suggested to me and that only messed with the clock.
I got help online in the form of a phone number for the lot that make the PCs and managed to get through eventually to be redirected to some other one who put me on hold to talk to his superiors. I also got that noise like you are disconnected but waited on until I got told they will phone back in two days.
They phone and now the PC is going to be on its way.Of course I have no Idea when this week their courier is going to show up and me with places to go. So we will see what happens and do they nuke my Data when fixing the problem.

Friday, November 21, 2008

recovering figerprints licening rubbish.

Sky news had the old news of recovering old fingerprints from shell casing. This is not a great technology or bloody new either. They are looking for someone to licence the technology. What fucking licence, its basic electrolysis which you can do at home for fuck sake. This licencing shite with every "new" discovery is what I really hate. They are the bloody police so why the hell are they allowed to licence this crap. At the very least they should just tell all the other forensics the exact method they used to do this. Its not that hard either as I said you can do this at home with a bloody car charger or any decent power supply. how did this take 3yrs to devolope.