Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nike 6.0 Round House Winner!

I am the Nike 6.0 Round House Winner or rather was, as I had the unfortunately give it up! The competition was entered on a chance more than anything else and I get the email saying I am the Nike 6.0 Round House Winner!. Unfortunately the email had gone in the junk section so I find it a day late and it did not help I had a big family dinner to go to. So was too busy and too broke to go. This is exactly the sort of thing that is annoying as hell. You get a nice chance to leave the country have a bit of a break and possible find some loose women. Then the reality of big family life rears its head and no fun for me is what happens.

Was promised some shoes and t-shits as some for of compensation by them so I should get something for it all.