Saturday, May 24, 2008

Worlds Smallest Arc Welder?

Came across this lot on I was there thanks to Google while looking for a rip off version made by another company, I had seen on youtube while looking for small TIG/MIG welder.

Rip off
Original I am interested in
Another Version. PowerWelder

The video of the one I think is a ripoff in insane, he puts it in a bucket of water! Also safety gear seems non existent to them welcome to the pain of arc eye then for them.

I am not sure as to how this thing works as computers are my thing and this is more my fathers line of invention. Especially once he finds how it works. wonder if its safe to ruin from a generator. We had to get a generator as the Old welder we had no longer worked when we moved. By no longer working I mean than it messed the power factor of the electricity line up so we had to get a new transformer as blasted neighbours complained about interference to their television when neighbours was on. Who actually watches that program. We got the generator and saved 3500 on the transformer (not counting poles). We should have complained when the same neighbours started their own welding and using so much power the lights dimmed! As usual we took the shit and put up with it.

Right now, anyone out here got more information on these things and if you own one brilliant! You can tell me what their like to use and were they worth it. Hell I am thinking of buying one from pure curiosity value alone.