Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scam Email Tracing cause I'm bored

Lets see, I get a bunch of spamtastic crap emails regularly and more recently they all carry viruses which is annoying to hell and back. But at least they are blocked.

Claims to be Mrs. Catherine Windy from South Africa. Nigeria specifically :).
Originating-IP: or Guangzhou, China or about 6930 miles from where she claims to be. Also like to mention "GOD" a lot in all caps.
Money: $12 million

Claims to be: Bank of America Corporation
from Houston, Texas, 77002 about 4 of these
looking for account details for a account I don't have.

another money scam
Claims to be Barr Wilson Matata attorney
sent via an Austrailian Email server with a french email account but is from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. otherwise know as never heard of it.
Money $11 million this time.

4: AOL account
Sydney, Australia actually from Slovenia and another from San Antonio, Texas 78229.
Looking for Billing information for a AOL account I don't have, I don't even like AOL, The CDs I used to have were turned into room decorations for sister and Frisbee's.

5: Twitter messages
Russian emails from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Claiming I have 2 messages except I dont have twithead acount.
Punched the real address into url site and it came up with malware, which was obvious. Status bar that displays the real url of something is a good thing.
Anyway what would I twit about, Took a big crap and blocked the tiolet, now more depresed than ever, massive migraine?