Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My PC is Dying on Me, Posting Delayed/Stopped

My pc has decied to stop working for me. It is a hard ware problem with it no getting no bad it freezes before completing the start page. The automated attempts at reparing it probably made the problem worse in time. The Hdd is 5 years old and has had enough. With all the files it has had to keep track of due to dropbox "War for the Overworld" files it really is no suprice it packed up on me. Not happy with this as was hoping to get soemthing from hangin with them for the last year, all I get is a stupid NDA and being cut off. I am a fucking unhappy camper. Lack of comms is one thing that really bugs the shit out of me. On a side note as I no longer am doing what makis me happy on the pc I am doing my room up so it more livable and less storage room. A dedicated pc desk is planned and a new PC is more than likly something to look for at least in the future.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013