Friday, September 9, 2011

Turbo Cider - with Capri Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shots drinks packs

I have gone and made an attempt at a turbo cider made with Capri Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shots drinks packs. They are small 200ml packs with an SG of juice is 1.044 near as I can make out on the hydrometer. This is 24g of sugar

Absolut vodka used as mini Demijohn.
newest turbo cider is Capri-Sun and 2 x "sun shots" by Rio Doro which are aldi version of the drink.

1 x Capri-Sun (contains 10.5g sugar per 200ml)
2 x Sun shots (each contains 11.2g sugar per 200ml)
50g of plain sugar tesco brand
50ml tap water
Absolute bottle 700ml (1 L is better but I not have.)
Youngs Wine Super Yeast Compound 1/4th teaspoon

Mix sugar and warmish water until mostly mixed, wait till cools to 25c°C. Add the yeast wait for 1hr to get going, add rest of juice. Shake the hell out of it to oxygenate it for yeast to breath, take SG.
SG of juice 1.034
OG of final mix 1.065.
A padded envelope makes a insulated jacked / mess container of just the right size for this botle.
No bubbler airlock as the cap is closed to touching and rotated back 1/8 turn. Since the Absolut bottle cap is a bit sloppy it will when about right rise and make a clap on coming down as it works as dry airlock.

Capri-Sun and Rio Doro Sun Shot Turbo cider - juice packs. Capri cider day 0