Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Computer is Back and Repaired

My computer is back from germany all repaired and ready to go. I still have not checked if the D: is still wonky with files that cannot be deleted, but it had to run the scandisk prog on startup and repair some index that was damaged so perhaps the D: drive function righ now.

They replaced the power supply and installed a new motherboard along with a new front plate. They did not touch the front USBs however which is annoying as they are broken, due to small prople putting usb sticks in upside down. The data was all still there. I was in my own way hoping they would wipe so I would have a new start to work from. As it is I am getting used to my NEW compter I bought while the other one was getting repaired. The NEW one is Vista and while its bloody useless for working with my chinese sofware controlled laser it is starting to appeal to me. or Rather the tabs in IE7 are, so now I can trawl the net more with related seachs without getting quite so confused. Vista's User profiles are getting to me though, 4 bloody clicks to delete or rename a file. Even when I am the Admin! IE7 give me my image bar back you thief. Now I have to figure out wghat I am doing with the old PC, probable let brothers use it for music as it has 2 drives and the NEW only 1.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Computer Needs To Go To Germany

Why? Because its got a damaged motherboard. What damaged it no Idea, but since the USB ports are the problem I suspect it was my sister trying to run too many things through a single port. What is wrong is that the Keyboard indicator lights all flash on and off like Christmas tree lights and doesn't work. Its on the PS2 ports, my USB mouse is non working as well.
I got my multimeter and checked the ports and the PSU. The PSU gives out the required 5V while the ports give only 3.77V. You are at the minimum supposed to be getting 4.25V so nothing works. I even took the CMOS battery out as suggested to me and that only messed with the clock.
I got help online in the form of a phone number for the lot that make the PCs and managed to get through eventually to be redirected to some other one who put me on hold to talk to his superiors. I also got that noise like you are disconnected but waited on until I got told they will phone back in two days.
They phone and now the PC is going to be on its way.Of course I have no Idea when this week their courier is going to show up and me with places to go. So we will see what happens and do they nuke my Data when fixing the problem.

Friday, November 21, 2008

recovering figerprints licening rubbish.

Sky news had the old news of recovering old fingerprints from shell casing. This is not a great technology or bloody new either. They are looking for someone to licence the technology. What fucking licence, its basic electrolysis which you can do at home for fuck sake. This licencing shite with every "new" discovery is what I really hate. They are the bloody police so why the hell are they allowed to licence this crap. At the very least they should just tell all the other forensics the exact method they used to do this. Its not that hard either as I said you can do this at home with a bloody car charger or any decent power supply. how did this take 3yrs to devolope.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edgi MP001 Upgrade Kit is on its way

I ordered this kit as my JG MP001 a older copy version of VSR-10 rifle is getting old. Hell it went old withing a few hundred shots as the sears went in it. Or to be more accurate the Piston Sear got worn. Given the quality of the construction to the trigger housing this is not that much of a surprise. The lack of casting quality also helps for it to be just enough out of alignment with the receiver to make the Piston sear have even less of a grip than it should. The Piston Sear in the MPoo1 pushes up against the piston when hold it pack a not great condition that causes wear.

So I finally got in contact with Edgi and went to get the kit, Now I had enquired about this kit last year and been but off by the price. I bloody well should not have been! The result is the kit with less parts cost me even more now, Edgi seems to have got into the less stuff more money thinking. What did I not get that was in the old kit the cylinder that's what. Hopefully the original cylinder I have is worth saving the $75 quid it would have cost to replace on.

What I am getting is

New springs:

Spring Guide Stopper: Steel

Sears Piston and Trigger Sears: Tempered Steel

Tightbore Bull Barrel: 6.01 diameter

Alloy Piston

Expensive postage!

Airsoft Stuff To Do

Airsoft Stuff To Do

Get a Edgi Upgrade Kit for MP001 - GOT (blew cylinder)
Get Chronograph, a X3200 Xcortech or Combro cb-625 - GOT X3200
Get Brother a sniper rifle, MB03E or similiar vsr clone.
Debate to get TSR M3 or BE M700 Shotgun?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fallout 3 Survival Edition!

Fallout 3 Survival Edition, Wrowwl. Want!
I just found out about this edition of the Game and while I might be buying the Collectors edition I really want the Survival Edition. However I am in Europe and so cannot get it! That is aside from the fact its 50 bucks more for what is more than likly a cheapo plastic clock. Still it is a Pipboy 3000.
Would have been better if they had made an actual wearable replica say as a watch. Its just the sort of thing a proper modder/hacker* would take apart put a LCD panel in and programme some chips and create a Pipboy 3000 that looks like a Pipboy 3000. Then he could sell it to real fans on ebay for a nice bit.

Comes with
The Fallout 3 game; Important this
Customized, metal Vault-Tec lunch box: This looks very nice, little handle and everything.
5” Vault Boy Bobblehead: These always come across as so annoying.
The Art of Fallout 3 hardcover book: a picture book, oh yea
The Making of Fallout 3 DVD: at least they made it look right.

What it looks like.

*(correct term?)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil Search Engine Not Very Good

The Cuil search engine is not very good in my opinion. Perhaps its the fact its new and doesn't display like a real search engine. It claims 120 Billion sites to search through, but cannot even find its own pages. like the Inf0 and more worryingly the Privacy pages.

Cuil Info MisingCuil Privacy Missing
They should fix this soon.

This is a search engines that supposedly capabler of finding more than pages than even Google. It is not up to the job. The horrible way it displays links is not easy on the eyes and is usually rubbish. Its bloody hard to find what you want with out a load of rubbish appearing. It would be better if they included more normal search options like videos and images and a way to reach by file type, it also cannot spellcheck and "" seem to defeat it.

All in all I say Avoid this thing and use the real search engines, Google and Yahoo.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Your result for The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test

Your result for The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test...

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Saturday, July 12, 2008



OKcupid join

The Zombie Apocalypse Personality Test

Your result for The Zombie Apocalypse Personality Test...

The Zombie Slayer

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sell A Car And Get A Nigerian Scammer From 9,617 Miles Away!

My brother went to sell a Toyota starlet 16v 1991 in a local online motor advertising site. He gets an email and we send more photos as requested. Now what was annoying us was this Mrs Ellis had not phoned as requested twice to do and as any normal person would do. We get another email that says to give a price despite it being on the advert. We go and give a lower price as brother wants rid of the old car and we get another email back a few hours later. This is what raises my suspicions due to its wording.

Hello,Thanks for your mail,Am highly impress with what i saw in your advert so also the price is fairly ok by me but i will like to know if payment by Bank Cheque will be ok for the payment,if ok,you are to get back to me your details below so that i can instruct my Secretary to issued and sent payment to you immediately....

Name to be on cheque:
Address where cheque will be received by you:
Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line and Office Number:

As regards the shipment,this will be handle by my shipper once you must have received your money then i will instruct down to your location my shipper to come for the pickup..i do hope this is clear with you and i will be expecting your reply.Await your Quick Response.
Mrs Ellis................

This is of course the old nigger scam.
IE: You want €600
They send a cheque for €650-700 and then want the extra money refunded
You send your refund money while waitingfor their cheque to clear.
They laugh themsevles shitless and go spend the money on whores and drugs, after making sure to send more emails to the next buch of smucks tey come across.

Nigerian Scammer IP trace

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me is the dammed problem. Too many loony animal rights PETA terrorists on the damm thing, am getting harassed by them as well. Its no wonder its called a war. PETA should be put down like the animals they think they are. Any group that values animals over humanity and regards humans as little more than animals should be stomped out. America get your act together and get rid of your domestic terrorists before you go wasting billions on the foreign terrorists. You have let Iraq goto shit when you had a chance to control it and turn it into the 53rd state. This would have given you more control of the world and forced that terrorist laden part of the world to cower in fear. It would also have raised the living standards of what is a shithole to that of a decent level of living.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Worlds Smallest Arc Welder?

Came across this lot on I was there thanks to Google while looking for a rip off version made by another company, I had seen on youtube while looking for small TIG/MIG welder.

Rip off
Original I am interested in
Another Version. PowerWelder

The video of the one I think is a ripoff in insane, he puts it in a bucket of water! Also safety gear seems non existent to them welcome to the pain of arc eye then for them.

I am not sure as to how this thing works as computers are my thing and this is more my fathers line of invention. Especially once he finds how it works. wonder if its safe to ruin from a generator. We had to get a generator as the Old welder we had no longer worked when we moved. By no longer working I mean than it messed the power factor of the electricity line up so we had to get a new transformer as blasted neighbours complained about interference to their television when neighbours was on. Who actually watches that program. We got the generator and saved 3500 on the transformer (not counting poles). We should have complained when the same neighbours started their own welding and using so much power the lights dimmed! As usual we took the shit and put up with it.

Right now, anyone out here got more information on these things and if you own one brilliant! You can tell me what their like to use and were they worth it. Hell I am thinking of buying one from pure curiosity value alone.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Muslims Outnumber Catholics

Muslims more numerous than Catholics

What is going on here, this is not right. As a catholic even a lapsed catholic going to atheism this is annoying. We need the world to go onwards, not to be dominated and heading into the past. This is the sort of crap I hate. You have the muslins breeding like a plague and the Catholics dying out as they get older and suffer that horrible western condition where your job is worth more than having a family. The result the population gets older and older and the overall population gets small so your enemies win out by the ancient practice of simply reproducing faster. I come from a small country that in my lifetime will see the extinction of my pureblood race, by simple interbreeding with outside bloodstock. I have nothing against this as I am not helping the situation with my own reproductive interests. It is simply something that bugs the hell out of me, this constant interbreeding and extinction of my race, small that the group is. This interbreeding and destruction of our culture is not good in the long run. Why is there more diseases that ever affecting people, I thing the intermingling of bloodstocks is creating a mongrel bloodline. And all mongrels are heavy with mutations that have a negative effect. There have been several families’ that are well known where this negative effect of the mutation has shown up in the public eye.
It is a unfortunate problem that the current political correctness that is infecting the population at large is also destroying common sense. The correct way to do thing is to have the cells tested before birth and the polluted genetic structure either fixed or deleted. I am a genetic purist, this dos NOT mean white supremacy just cause I am white. Genetic Purity means not allowing degenerative mutations to live in the new gene lines. Every time you have sex and produce a child their gene code is new, they are the new gene lines of the world. It is YOUR fault that your child is a mutant, a Degenerate that does not help the world only sucks up resources that could be used to help a child prodigy to get out of poverty so they could benefit the whole of Society for the entire planet. If you have money and have access to the new tests you have absolutely no excuse to further burden the world with your foul degenerate mutant scum. If you do not have access well I can’t help you try to put the world a better place.
What has this to do with Muslims and Catholics, not fucking much except for their fear of science and their love of mutants, they do NOT help the world by breeding mutantkind. Both of these groups have their blasted zealots, whose only purpose seems to be the destruction of they world. Either the bomb their way about the world, we all say that’s against the Muslims. But you forget the zealots of the Catholic faith and its various spinoff religions through the years. They have used bombs a plenty to kill their own kind and men of science. Both sides use words and politics to convince others to join their sides and kill for their twisted views. In a few centuries this world will be one colour (not white) and one language hopefully it will be without religion and with a pure genetic code. Will the stupidity of religion still exist I bloody well hope not assuming we have not been all caught up in a massive world way caused by oil, energy or most likely religion.

Religion in case you forgot has caused more wars and deaths than another cause before it.

Religion says see the light and feel the glory of
I say see the Light and Feel the of the Power of My nuclear weapons, die zealot die.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Body is Worth $4790

$4790.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

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Booze Test: Your level: DRUNKARD


65% Chance of Surviving Zombie Apocalypse


I put in true enough figures, would be better if I was fitter.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The What Type of Villain Are You

Your Score: The Altruist

You scored 1 Sane, 2 Global, and 2 Content

You are sane, with a global vision, and a contented outlook on life. You are the Altruistic Villain!

You are on your quest for world domination not for riches or glory (okay, maybe the glory), but because you just KNOW the world would be a better place if you were its ruler. And of all the other types of villains, you are most likely to succeed in your quest.

You can admit to your mistakes, and learn from them. Your minions are fiercely loyal to you, and you look out for them as best you can. You don't have many morals but the ones you have, you stick to no matter what.

This all sounds lovey-dovey but what makes you a villain, you ask? You believe the ends justifies the means and will do nearly anything to achieve your goals. Your enemies are terrified by your ruthlessness.

You have many devoted subjects, many terrified enemies (the list grows smaller everyday), one or two hardcore nemeses, and a core group of people you trust absolutely: your right-hand (wo)man, adviser, best friend, lover, and your mother.

Be careful around other villains and look out for discontented underlings: you will face many assassination attempts during your rise to power. In the end though, you are most likely to be killed by the reluctant hero: your best friend who believes that despite your good intentions, you are ultimately making the world a more terrible place to live in.

See all the categories:

The Mad Misanthrope

The Carefree Villain

The Mad Scientist


The Vengeful

The Next-Door Assassin

The Jaded Villain

The Altruist

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Converting Laser Scan Gap to DPI

Chinese lasers tend to use a term called "Scan Gap". Scan Gap is how far the laser moves on the Y axis for each pass of the laser. Scan Gap is where you enter your DPI for engraving. DPI is in inches and Scan Gap is in Metric, so you do some maths.

DPI/25.4 = dpmm (Dots per millimetre)

1/dpmm = Scan Gap

300/25.4 = 11.811 dpmm
1/11.811 = a scan gap of 0.0846

Some Converted for ease of use
1200 = 0.02116
800 = 0.03175
600 = 0.04233
500 = 0.05080
400 = 0.06350
300 = 0.0846
200 = 0.12700
150 = 0.1693
100 = 0.2540

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Laser Engraver Arrived

My Laser Engraver has Arrived finally after so long waiting. came on the 22nd ordered back in November 13th 2007

Its a big machine of 44" x 37" x 52" or so in external size. It was well packaged in its crate. the delivery guy was a total waster who did not bring the machine to my house but dropped it at end of road in tonnes of rain.

We got it to the main shed to storage for the night with the help of a neighbour's tractor and front bale lifter. Blasted rain we were soaked by the time it was got to the shed. Had to wrap the thing in plastic to make it cat proof. Plastic used was for protecting furniture while painting, its also the thinnest plastic I have seen in my life.

Laser then spent a day in the shed as the infernal Irish rain was still coming down nonstop. Floods all over the place.

Third day the 24th the rain stopped! finally I could get my Machine out of the crate and into its new home. A small ugly portacabin but functional. Keeps the noise away as well. My brother helped me get the cabin in shape or rather out of shape. As to get the laser in we had to cut the cabin below the window to the ground, remove 4 bolts holding the steel and remove the windows itself. Then we removed the wooden sheet from the interior of the wall which was firmly glued to the insulation foam. Then that section was swung out like a big door. The laser was moved from the shed to the cabin by using the crate walls as a sort of rolling road. We tied a rope to the machine legs and I pushed. A ramp was created with bricks and crate sides and the laser was shoved into the cabin. At which point it was obvious cabin was small and laser was big!

I am currently getting it to work and trying to find some basic stuff in this annoying country. I need a 6 inch duct pipe as the machine has a 6 inch connection. This is annoying as the Manual shows a 4 inch connection from the Outside back of the machine while mine has a 6 inch connection Inside the machine. I need a reducer and the idiot in the hardware shop had no idea what I wanted. got a short length of 4" vent pipe and it turned out to be a ripoff its cheap and crap quality need to find one of heavier construction and the reducer.

Distilled water was also annoying to find another rip off but this is Ireland and I work with what I can get. I needed 10L and by right 15L for the cooler machine that cools the laser tube. I could only could get 10L and that with being charged twice as much for the second container as the first and then finding the expiry was gone out bt a few years hen I got home.

Blasted Chinese plugs I have three to replace with proper plugs probably get some kettle leads some place as they will do fine.

I need acetone, isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, lint free lens tissue/cloth and powder free gloves as I have to clean the optics from all the crap dust and bits of foam in the machine. Opened the focus assembly and the amount of junk in the air cone was unreal lens of course has crap on it as well and I found a fingerprint on one of the mirrors.

Laser Blog more info, further machine details and projects I will be doing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008