Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for a Wingun 8" Revolver 6mm

Been trying to get links to a Wingun/WG 8" Revolver, also called the "Super Sport 7". RSOV is out of stock and no where else seems to have a 8" version in stock, at least in 6mm. Seen 4.5mm versions but you need a gun licence for those toys here and their impossible to get.
Been asking some airsoft sellers in my country and one I might be forced to go with when RSOV has them for $174 shipped and local wants $220 for the 6" you can seen why I am looking for a decent supplier. Why not go for the 6", simple they are common the 8" is more elusive and therefore more desirable. The silver version is the main one to find as the black while cheaper has a weak hammer, which is why I am trying to find the V2 8" Silver version.
Wingun 703
Wingun M703
Wingun CNB703
Wingun CNB 703s
WG 703s
WG CNB 703s

All these are the same gun.

Does anyone of the few people who vierw this blog know where I can get one please.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge

Glasses Frame Wanted

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge. Useless optician in my area don’t have this type. Only these horrible modern fall to bits if you look at them type. This one is badly needed anyone with info where I can get this type PLEASE contact me.