Friday, February 19, 2010

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge

Glasses Frame Wanted

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge. Useless optician in my area don’t have this type. Only these horrible modern fall to bits if you look at them type. This one is badly needed anyone with info where I can get this type PLEASE contact me.


Anonymous said...

It feels so strange being almost two whole years ahead of where I was only 10 seconds ago.

It's not hard to find a saddle bridge, but I'm not so sure about the combination of saddle bridge and brow bar.

I lean toward the minimalist saddle bridge, which has no nosepiece at all, viz.:

And here are very classic browbars, though with the usual boring nosepieces and no saddle bridge:

No, I don't work for AO; I just happened to find their website while looking for spectacles myself.

Boerner0222 said...

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