Monday, September 13, 2010

Nike 6.0 Competition Stuff

The T-shirts and shoes finally showed up from Nike. The delivery was by DHL and you have to practically guide them by the hand to find you or go meet them some place, haven't they heard of GPS?
Got the 5 T-shirts as above, 3 of them XXL and ok looking. The other 2 are Large and one has a give it away pattern.
Shoes are sizes 8 and 12.5, this after having asked for 7 and 10 for my sister and brother. Sneaker/trainer shoes are really not my thing and I suffer from wide feet so the 12.5 was tight across the foot. Still someone of my family should be able to wear it, the "Grande Purple" Air morgans may be harder to find a owner. The 12.5 is a "Zoom Oncore 2" both apparently quite good shoes.
Nice to actually win stuff for once, still would have been nicer to have gone to France. No amount of big cleavage cousins is going to improve that.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nike 6.0 Round House Winner!

I am the Nike 6.0 Round House Winner or rather was, as I had the unfortunately give it up! The competition was entered on a chance more than anything else and I get the email saying I am the Nike 6.0 Round House Winner!. Unfortunately the email had gone in the junk section so I find it a day late and it did not help I had a big family dinner to go to. So was too busy and too broke to go. This is exactly the sort of thing that is annoying as hell. You get a nice chance to leave the country have a bit of a break and possible find some loose women. Then the reality of big family life rears its head and no fun for me is what happens.

Was promised some shoes and t-shits as some for of compensation by them so I should get something for it all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broken Revolver!

My precious revolver is broke! And not by me, mind you. it was done by my brothers girlfriend. I'm busy making stuff and digging mud and she asked to fire a few shots along with my sister. I think this should be OK, but no. I hear shots being fired and then they don't fire and go inside. I think they are finished and have but it back in the box. Oh its back in the box alright. The pin for withdrawing the magazine is loose really loose. The reason its really loose is the damm thing has come apart and been screwed up minus an important part. A really small blasted spring, no idea how long it is just know its about 2mm diameter and a compression spring. Without it the revolver will not stay in place right and won't rotate right so it cant shoot right = AARGH!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Revolver I has it

My revolver finally showed up, It looks very nice being a 8" long barrel. what the hell would you being doing with a 2" anyway. Not so great is fact its a .20 airsoft rather than a .357, now that would have some lovely weight.

Biggest problem is the revolver is BLACK! for fuck sake! I ordered as CHROME one the picture was CHROME but the dammed sites order code turns out to be for the black gun. No mention of this very important fact in the site or emails or has it changed since I emailed them, No reply to my emails about this fact either!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Useless People

I have emailed and used contact forms to get in contact with various airsoft retailers here and suppliers abroad. 99% no reply despite multiple messages. This is fucking annoying given the bashing and abuse airsoft gets here from greedy retailers and the Fuck useless government, with their blasted laws to stop personal import and shops having import licences, Its a bloody monopoly is what it is. Aside from the toy guns themselves getting supplies like CO2 is a pain. A supplier with €18 for 50x12g caplets will not get back to me the useless twat and they are a massive supplier as well. Its almost as if they don't want to make money. Its getting a lot like I will have to get the €38 for 50x12g caplets box, not happy with that. I will mess with eBay and see what I can pull out of that mess that is what was eBay, Before they screwed it up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wingun 1911 Co2 Pistol

Have come across a nice looking 1911 Co2 Pistol but as usual the exact model I want can't be found. However I have come close and while no where as cheap as US dollar prices, I might be in luck. is a €47.90 version and I think non blowback from the Mags. Its also all black no silver body/black slide version.
Is the €64.00 version and I think is blowback.

dont look like the normal one you see in ebay and youtube.
This is what you normally see. I dont understand the difference but am assuming one is GBB and the other NBB.

No Sigh of My Win gun 8" I Want

No sign of my Wingun 8" Revolver I want. seems to have developed a big case of "outofstockitis". Instead of just email for availability as usual. Wish they did not display all those Discontinued items, €6 POM grenade made me want. But you cant get them anywhere at all now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for a Wingun 8" Revolver 6mm

Been trying to get links to a Wingun/WG 8" Revolver, also called the "Super Sport 7". RSOV is out of stock and no where else seems to have a 8" version in stock, at least in 6mm. Seen 4.5mm versions but you need a gun licence for those toys here and their impossible to get.
Been asking some airsoft sellers in my country and one I might be forced to go with when RSOV has them for $174 shipped and local wants $220 for the 6" you can seen why I am looking for a decent supplier. Why not go for the 6", simple they are common the 8" is more elusive and therefore more desirable. The silver version is the main one to find as the black while cheaper has a weak hammer, which is why I am trying to find the V2 8" Silver version.
Wingun 703
Wingun M703
Wingun CNB703
Wingun CNB 703s
WG 703s
WG CNB 703s

All these are the same gun.

Does anyone of the few people who vierw this blog know where I can get one please.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge

Glasses Frame Wanted

Glasses Frame Wanted with browbar and saddle bridge. Useless optician in my area don’t have this type. Only these horrible modern fall to bits if you look at them type. This one is badly needed anyone with info where I can get this type PLEASE contact me.