Monday, September 13, 2010

Nike 6.0 Competition Stuff

The T-shirts and shoes finally showed up from Nike. The delivery was by DHL and you have to practically guide them by the hand to find you or go meet them some place, haven't they heard of GPS?
Got the 5 T-shirts as above, 3 of them XXL and ok looking. The other 2 are Large and one has a give it away pattern.
Shoes are sizes 8 and 12.5, this after having asked for 7 and 10 for my sister and brother. Sneaker/trainer shoes are really not my thing and I suffer from wide feet so the 12.5 was tight across the foot. Still someone of my family should be able to wear it, the "Grande Purple" Air morgans may be harder to find a owner. The 12.5 is a "Zoom Oncore 2" both apparently quite good shoes.
Nice to actually win stuff for once, still would have been nicer to have gone to France. No amount of big cleavage cousins is going to improve that.

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