Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Glow Light

Had a little mess around with some highlighters and a UV blacklight. Amazing what they show up around the house.
1 x Yellow Highlighterm, others work but this gives the best light.

1 x Container, a plastic test tube in this case
Some water and a Black Light
get your container a small plastic test tube from a magnetic experiment set in this case. Remove the top and make sure it clean of what ever was in it prior. Fill it with some water about three quarters works.
Take you highlighter and pop the case to get at the ink. Note how bright the cover of the highligh alone is.

Remove the cover off the ink filter and squeeze a few drops in to the water. I used 5 in total to make sure it lit up good. Put the cover back on and switch on your Black light, result.

Bigger Bottles

Main light on UV off, Main light & on UV on, Main light off UV on

stick on left is a highlighter ink stick that fell in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Death Test



The Death Test

According to our research, you'll be dead by
June 2052
at age 73
- probable cause -
YOU DIE: 72.7 years
As you can plainly see, you have no more health and vitality than the average man.
56% cancer
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds

You have 16326.7 days left on this earth.
You've already lived 39% of your life.
Across all 1114423 test takers.
21% smoke.
50% have health insurance.
6% eat a lot of nice beef.
46% hold in farts.
15% are impressed with themselves.
The top cause of death among relatives was cancer.
The most widely suffered ailment among takers is high blood pressure.
The average day for an OkCupid user involves 7.8 hours of sleep and 1.1 movements of the bowel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smirnoff Fun

Created at Smirnoff my signature for all those who want see it. Just a little interesting fun for a change.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

150 Chances to Win Each Day

Wabbadabba is a new search engine powered by Yahoo! that gives away prizes like Plasma TV’s and Amazon vouchers just for searching. It's so simple to sign up and check it out.
Click here

Give it a blast 150 chances to win each day.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Infusions of Grandeur

Infusions of Grandeur.
OK, I like these guys a lot. They come across as a bunch of loons who drink a lot of vodka. The Chile vodka great idea, Garlic Vodka is a war crime against the victim given it and a crime against vodka.

I like vodka; I tend to drink vodka such as Putinoff which is a sight damm better than that Ravnich (spelling) rubbish that tastes of paint stripper. Smirnoff may be popular but it has a taste I don't agree with.

Habanero Vodka seems brilliant, bit like that Capsaicin+Vodka death in a bottle mix I made. How was it, it was probably the same as drinking pepper spray neat. Brutal, yet strangely addictive once you have survived your first encounter with the liquid pain. The Capsaicin in that case was purchased pretty much as pure. (do not do this, can be dangerous). Naga Chile sounds like the next step up for them to make in their persuit of burning vodka.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Murder at Boot Camp

Murder at Boot Camp. What else can you call it when 8 guards kick beat and suffocate a 14 year to death. 14 years old! The fact they got off is no surprise. He is black and the jury were white.
Boot camps are not where you send kids, idiot criminal soldiers yes but not kids. You most definitely do not send them there for stealing a relations car and trespassing, both piddling crimes. America’s justice systems are totally fucked up and this is yet again another example of that. How the hell did the not get charged for abuse at the very least. EIGHT guards are not need to attack a child or even an aggressive adult, totally unforgivable!
Boot camps should not be used at all too many of them rely on excessive violence and threats of homosexual rape and overt homosexual behaviour in their actions against those sentenced in them. Think of this if you put a terrorist in one of those places and then treated them like your do those kids there would be outrage over abuse of human rights and torture. Make it a kid or adult of your people maybe even call them criminals and such abuse is good for them gives them character and makes them better people. Total bullshit!!

Boot-camp murders
— A 15-year-old girl collapsed of dehydration while hiking in 1990 and lay dead on road for 18 hours
— A 15-year-old boy refused to return to camp in 2000. He was forcibly restrained and died of a severed artery - ruled a homicide
— A 14-year-old boy punished for asking to go home in 2001 was made to sit in the desert, then left in bath to recuperate - later died
— A 14-year-old boy complained of thirst in 2002, was left in sun for an hour and stopped breathing and died. Staff thought he was faking

Friday, October 5, 2007

Out Of a Job

My contract has finally ran out after three years there. The realisation I will have no place to go on Monday seems weird. While you can never care for a job just the money. You get used to doing something. It has helped me over the years to become more "normal" in my interactions with other people, as prior to this I liked people even less than I can stand now.
What really surprised me was the fact I was given a going away tea. Basically a get together with tea and cake. Got a €100 voucher which was totally unexpected and some photos were took. I never got a chance to properly relax at it as such as had to go and bring the sister to her work experience.
You feel weird when you have not much to do, after doing so much for so long. You also worry about the future more than ever now. I have plans to get my laser engraver, but its a huge chunk of my savings to spend now. Is so hard to know what to do at times, you feel frustrated beyond anything. Fear of the future can be a total bitch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Passed My Driving Test!

Passed My Driving Test!
Finally passed my driving test and got my certificate of competency. Cost me enough with driving lessons and reapplication fees. Should have passed with the last tester except he was one of the rudest ignorant bastards I have come across. would not say hello or even shake hands at end of meeting. The guy I passed with was professional but at least polite and reasonably friendly. Saying hello and shaking hands is important to me.