Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edgi MP001 Upgrade Kit is on its way

I ordered this kit as my JG MP001 a older copy version of VSR-10 rifle is getting old. Hell it went old withing a few hundred shots as the sears went in it. Or to be more accurate the Piston Sear got worn. Given the quality of the construction to the trigger housing this is not that much of a surprise. The lack of casting quality also helps for it to be just enough out of alignment with the receiver to make the Piston sear have even less of a grip than it should. The Piston Sear in the MPoo1 pushes up against the piston when hold it pack a not great condition that causes wear.

So I finally got in contact with Edgi and went to get the kit, Now I had enquired about this kit last year and been but off by the price. I bloody well should not have been! The result is the kit with less parts cost me even more now, Edgi seems to have got into the less stuff more money thinking. What did I not get that was in the old kit the cylinder that's what. Hopefully the original cylinder I have is worth saving the $75 quid it would have cost to replace on.

What I am getting is

New springs:

Spring Guide Stopper: Steel

Sears Piston and Trigger Sears: Tempered Steel

Tightbore Bull Barrel: 6.01 diameter

Alloy Piston

Expensive postage!

Airsoft Stuff To Do

Airsoft Stuff To Do

Get a Edgi Upgrade Kit for MP001 - GOT (blew cylinder)
Get Chronograph, a X3200 Xcortech or Combro cb-625 - GOT X3200
Get Brother a sniper rifle, MB03E or similiar vsr clone.
Debate to get TSR M3 or BE M700 Shotgun?