Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sofa Made of Eggs

Came across this pic, I like the idea of making such a sofa in reality it appeals to me. I like eggs in general but this one sticks in my mind as cool. Must be 110+ trays in that construction, about 9-10 cases. At €33 a case that's about €300+ to make. I like it a lot.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guinness Poker Set

Got my Guinness Poker Set, not bad came in big box and had a aluminium box to hold it all and a nice glass to drink my Guinness I bought with the vouchers in.

A Nice Box

Opened Up

Aluminium Box

Chips and Cards

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Postal X Collectors Edition I Have It!

I have gotten hold of my favorite game in a collectors box edition. One of the few boxes I have bothered with getting for any game. Postal X! Its brilliant I love this game for a good blast, so much better than just playing the good guy doing the morally right thing to do. Too much morality in the world not too much evil as others say. Morality is the source of all evil, is some thing I believe in.
Had a good go at the weekend game "Apocalypse Weekend" which has a weird feel and look to it. The scenes with the swirly effect when you get the head pains are painful to me at times trigger headaches and eyepain, not good. Then had a go at AWP. I have cheats and I love the new weapons. The machete is great for cutting people down to size and the cheat weapons like the Nuke Launcher and the Shrunken Machine gun are great. I am going to mod the hell out of this game like I did the original version.
Came with 2 discs
1 x DVD contains the Postal games
1 x CD containing "music to go Postal by" actually no! it contained the ph8 album "Fortune Favors the Bold" and one track "Insomnia" by Chiraw. Not the 14 Different track by varying artists supposed to be on it.
1 x Instruction sheet in interesting style and 4 languages
2 x play sticker sheets
Bunch of expanded polystyrene curls The packing stuff, I hate! this stuff as tend to break up and get everywhere still better than shredded paper as you spend half the day just picking that stuff up.

The Front of the box in the style of a cereal box.

The Collectors edition number, a bit high but no matter.

The back complete with Puzzles to complete (as if)

The Inserts A cartoon sheet to recreate you favorite scenes from the games

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Glow Light

Had a little mess around with some highlighters and a UV blacklight. Amazing what they show up around the house.
1 x Yellow Highlighterm, others work but this gives the best light.

1 x Container, a plastic test tube in this case
Some water and a Black Light
get your container a small plastic test tube from a magnetic experiment set in this case. Remove the top and make sure it clean of what ever was in it prior. Fill it with some water about three quarters works.
Take you highlighter and pop the case to get at the ink. Note how bright the cover of the highligh alone is.

Remove the cover off the ink filter and squeeze a few drops in to the water. I used 5 in total to make sure it lit up good. Put the cover back on and switch on your Black light, result.

Bigger Bottles

Main light on UV off, Main light & on UV on, Main light off UV on

stick on left is a highlighter ink stick that fell in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Death Test



The Death Test

According to our research, you'll be dead by
June 2052
at age 73
- probable cause -
YOU DIE: 72.7 years
As you can plainly see, you have no more health and vitality than the average man.
56% cancer
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds

You have 16326.7 days left on this earth.
You've already lived 39% of your life.
Across all 1114423 test takers.
21% smoke.
50% have health insurance.
6% eat a lot of nice beef.
46% hold in farts.
15% are impressed with themselves.
The top cause of death among relatives was cancer.
The most widely suffered ailment among takers is high blood pressure.
The average day for an OkCupid user involves 7.8 hours of sleep and 1.1 movements of the bowel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smirnoff Fun

Created at Smirnoff my signature for all those who want see it. Just a little interesting fun for a change.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

150 Chances to Win Each Day

Wabbadabba is a new search engine powered by Yahoo! that gives away prizes like Plasma TV’s and Amazon vouchers just for searching. It's so simple to sign up and check it out.
Click here

Give it a blast 150 chances to win each day.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Infusions of Grandeur

Infusions of Grandeur.
OK, I like these guys a lot. They come across as a bunch of loons who drink a lot of vodka. The Chile vodka great idea, Garlic Vodka is a war crime against the victim given it and a crime against vodka.

I like vodka; I tend to drink vodka such as Putinoff which is a sight damm better than that Ravnich (spelling) rubbish that tastes of paint stripper. Smirnoff may be popular but it has a taste I don't agree with.

Habanero Vodka seems brilliant, bit like that Capsaicin+Vodka death in a bottle mix I made. How was it, it was probably the same as drinking pepper spray neat. Brutal, yet strangely addictive once you have survived your first encounter with the liquid pain. The Capsaicin in that case was purchased pretty much as pure. (do not do this, can be dangerous). Naga Chile sounds like the next step up for them to make in their persuit of burning vodka.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Murder at Boot Camp

Murder at Boot Camp. What else can you call it when 8 guards kick beat and suffocate a 14 year to death. 14 years old! The fact they got off is no surprise. He is black and the jury were white.
Boot camps are not where you send kids, idiot criminal soldiers yes but not kids. You most definitely do not send them there for stealing a relations car and trespassing, both piddling crimes. America’s justice systems are totally fucked up and this is yet again another example of that. How the hell did the not get charged for abuse at the very least. EIGHT guards are not need to attack a child or even an aggressive adult, totally unforgivable!
Boot camps should not be used at all too many of them rely on excessive violence and threats of homosexual rape and overt homosexual behaviour in their actions against those sentenced in them. Think of this if you put a terrorist in one of those places and then treated them like your do those kids there would be outrage over abuse of human rights and torture. Make it a kid or adult of your people maybe even call them criminals and such abuse is good for them gives them character and makes them better people. Total bullshit!!

Boot-camp murders
— A 15-year-old girl collapsed of dehydration while hiking in 1990 and lay dead on road for 18 hours
— A 15-year-old boy refused to return to camp in 2000. He was forcibly restrained and died of a severed artery - ruled a homicide
— A 14-year-old boy punished for asking to go home in 2001 was made to sit in the desert, then left in bath to recuperate - later died
— A 14-year-old boy complained of thirst in 2002, was left in sun for an hour and stopped breathing and died. Staff thought he was faking

Friday, October 5, 2007

Out Of a Job

My contract has finally ran out after three years there. The realisation I will have no place to go on Monday seems weird. While you can never care for a job just the money. You get used to doing something. It has helped me over the years to become more "normal" in my interactions with other people, as prior to this I liked people even less than I can stand now.
What really surprised me was the fact I was given a going away tea. Basically a get together with tea and cake. Got a €100 voucher which was totally unexpected and some photos were took. I never got a chance to properly relax at it as such as had to go and bring the sister to her work experience.
You feel weird when you have not much to do, after doing so much for so long. You also worry about the future more than ever now. I have plans to get my laser engraver, but its a huge chunk of my savings to spend now. Is so hard to know what to do at times, you feel frustrated beyond anything. Fear of the future can be a total bitch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Passed My Driving Test!

Passed My Driving Test!
Finally passed my driving test and got my certificate of competency. Cost me enough with driving lessons and reapplication fees. Should have passed with the last tester except he was one of the rudest ignorant bastards I have come across. would not say hello or even shake hands at end of meeting. The guy I passed with was professional but at least polite and reasonably friendly. Saying hello and shaking hands is important to me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Space men and aging

Greetings, all who care to read this. Let’s get some Ideas from science shall we. As the best ideas for gaming often come from reading or watching some thing, selecting one or two parts and twisting it up nicely to suit your current world. Hell you can base entire worlds of these ideas. I am creating a post apocalyptic / "new age world" campaign. Of importance to this was how the world went and killed it self off, well 95% off anyway. So this article in MIT Technology Review gave me an idea. Maybe not in use as the main Idea but it helped kill the people off. A nice common and infectious disease or even a boring non-infectious bacteria goes in to space as part of the worlds expanding space programs. Someplace up there it changed and became Mr nasty. I will probably have it happen on one of the Chinese mining craft, as mining craft are dirty and China has a lot of people to cull in this game.

The Spacemen thing is about the mention on page 2 of changes in human kidney genes. Twist this around and why not have being in space a Long time slowly change you around a bit. Allows for funny mutations to show up in populations that survive and the are more likely to survive as they are more valuable people than ordinary citizens and so get place sin the bunkers before the nukes/radioactive comet/asteroid/terrorists screw the world up.

This article in MIT Technology Review gives me something to work from to explain why the genetically engineered super soldiers are still alive 200yrs after the world got screwed. I have them live 350+ years so most of the originals are basically old or middle aged at best. They are unplayable as they are meant to elite level soldiers that can and do kill whole villages by hand. They do rule the odd place but they are not as extinct as most of the remaining humans think, just give them time...

Monday, September 17, 2007

horoscope in a RPG

The idea of using a horoscope in a RPG may seem off. But the basic idea is simple. Look through horoscopes and collect the lines that look interesting put them into a list and pick a few at random for inspiration in messing with your players characters. Tablesmith is again here very handy for this as it can generate randomly from your list on demand. Saves you the headache and stops you picking the same things over and over. Make the list good and big to help it work better.

a quick hash

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pets killed for food in Zimbabwe

Pets killed for food in Zimbabwe

So pets are being killed as food in Zimbabwe, who cares. The animal rights loons that's who. Instead of complaining of how desperate the people are in that hole of a country, they complain because someone eats a animal. Animals are meant to be eaten and used as a resource. It being a pet makes no difference if you have to eat, you have to eat, simple as that. Anyone who puts animals above humans has more than a couple of screws loose to say the least. You have theses animal rights activists all over the world. More like a bunch of dammed terrorists with the activities of the more common sort. The rare activists are the ones who quietly protest, as I said the rare ones. The more common thing is to go off your head and attack anyone who acts normally. With their so call "Love" of animals why don't they go shag some? Might do them good to actually get laid for one in their terrorist, unrealistic moralistic lives. If the people of Zimbabwe have to eat pets and not proper food animals that shows how far down the toilet that country has gone. I remember when that country was run properly before they decided that they could do better and what do you know. Put a monkey in charge and you get a monkey house. A total mess with shit all over, mugabe wanna banana? 25,000% inflation is utter rubbish, feed your damm people.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tablesmith D20 Apocalypse scavenging file

A Tablesmith D20 Apocalypse scavenging file I made back in 2005 its V2 because I lost the original versions and all the rest when Hard drive suffer the clack of death. Not sure if will work for the newer versions of Tablesmith but does work on older versions (4.5). If it works on the new version tell me.
Old website
scavenging result v2
I am currently recreating the original version complete with building condition and chance of injury per DC check.

Monday, September 10, 2007

LG900 Laser engraver I Want to Get

The Laser engraver I am thinking of getting, in the next few months. A LG900 from Wklaser, who seem to have a decent reputation. Only thing is the damm size of it. 54" x 40" x 42" which is massive. It relies on old style water-cooled Glass CO2 tubes. They only last 1,000-2,000 hrs but are cheap at $250 minus post and vat. The newer RF metal tubs are air cooled, a lot smaller and LOT more expensive. One of the RF tubes would cost more than the complete Chinese laser + complete set of spares + CIF to door + VAT. but last 10 times as long, or so they claim.

Friday, August 24, 2007

weird movies and automated toilets!

Weird movies: What is it with Korean movies I have seen "Battle Royale" and "Battle Royale 2" (seems pro Afghan terrorist) and now "Old Boy". The battle Royales are twisted crap if raising kids is so expensive and such a strain to the economy why not get rid of the useless old people who are causing a strain on the economy? Old Boy is weird from what I can make out some guy kills wife, is driven insane by some guy from past who dropped his sister off a Dam, he sets main char up so he falls in love and screws his own daughter. In the end main char cuts his tongue out, bad guy shoots himself and then main char has a hypnotist erase the part of him that is the killer who knows his screwing his own daughter, then they live together. Weird very weird if this is normal Korean film work no wonder they are cracked.

Automated toilets: came across a piece in a technology site American. Apparently automated self cleaning public toilets are unknown in America. Who would have known that America didn't have them. In Europe they are so common you would expect them to be worldwide. America apparently doesn't have roundabouts either. Much safer than crossroads, but I hate roundabouts, right blasted lane left blasted lane ad having your indicator on in the correct spot I hate that shite.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thieving ebay gits!

having problem with a certain thieving pack of cunts on eBay. What is annoying as hell with them is that I had bought items 2 weeks prior and no problems.
My problem?
I buy a nice airfilter and airhose I click buy now and I go to pay, I pay them using their stupid system and enter the postage they listed that day along with insurance. now due to their annoying system and paypal I paid in euros about $50 more than I should have. I then get repeated emails for different amounts of postage 4 in total. I log into myebay and the fucks have changed the postage again and looking for more money. Then I yesterday they send me a email saying I have not paid at all and putting a unpaid strike against me. I have sent emails to eBay = useless and to the thieves themselves and I get no reply from them this is not funny. Myebay page says I PAID, paypal says I PAID its in my history and got email receipt from them. My credit card says I PAID.
SO I PAID ALREADY. YOU THIEVING FUCKS. If they stike me I will name the motherfuckers here to help warn the others. As I said before what is really annoying is I had no trouble before with their cunts just two weeks before. the only trouble I had with that order was customs ripping the box the spray guns came in up. $235 is no laughing matter.
15-08-2007 update
ALL worked out, getting some of my money back and its being sent. am much happier now. Problem was computer error not taking my currency. Still lousy Automated emails in "support" are no support.

Monday, July 30, 2007

3D Game Engines what would you recommend

I am looking for a 3D Game Engine to start work on my game plan. I am currently looking at Torque Game Engine as its cheap ($150) but its not starting for me. Typically the more expensive Torque Game Engine Advanced ($295) does work apparently fine for me, which I find annoying as TGEA has even less documentation, is harder to use and comes with no tutorials unlike the cheaper TGE which has small amount of documentation, not much easier to use, but comes with tutorial files and has more adds available for it. of course it won't work for me.
SO! Does anyone know of a better engine, what do you think is better easier to use and why.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Torque Game Engine problems = Help me!

I have the Demo of Torque Game Engine and it will NOT start for me. The demo of Torque Game Engine Advanced will load but I would prefer to have TGE working before I part with hard cash.
All I get is a error when I try to start.
AppName: demo.exe AppVer: ModName: glide2x.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0000e414
Which is infuriating. I have updated my video drivers and still no good!
Windows XPSP2 GeForce 6700XL 3ghz D2 Pentium video drivers are 162.18 international version:
A forum where I have asked for help.Link also provides more Info about the Game engine as well.
Have it working under Win95 compatibility in properties of the shortcut. But thats not right as should be working under XP. Why? am I apperantly the only one with this problem. I think its related to OpenGL somehow as TGEA is D3D only and it works fine. Just servely lacks in starter packs and is definetly for advanced users only.
The Fact you have to buy the licence to see the documentation is bas enough, but is made worse you only can see the doumentation for the version you buy. Buy TGEA and you cant access TGE info despite TGE being a lower version and having more code to download.

Monday, July 23, 2007

RPG Post apocalyptic game

I have started to Yet again go over a game I have been working for a Long time. Think several years. The basic concept has changed somewhat and possibly should be called New Age rather the post-apocalyptic due to moving timeline 150yrs beyond original timeline (the world is still fucked, mostly).
I started working this out in my head and several notepads, then moved onto Treepad (very handy) and now TiddlyWiki, which is also very handy though the source of my current headaches. My Treepad file was a MB+ in size and I felt was clunky. Now TiddlyWiki starts as 265Kb from a "empty file" and now is near the MB of the original file without having half the data transferred to it so is slow to start and autosave. Got IncludePlugin which is basically a plugin that allow you to create a TiddlyWiki and include other TiddlyWiki's in it so each TiddlyWiki don't get too big. Problem is entries can only be edited in original TiddlyWiki and you cannot have a Included TW inside a Included TW which I am finding annoying. I don't know how to edit the plugin so cant change it. I would if I could.
Basics: World is Fucked (think terrorists, natural disasters and general bad stuff).
3 main nations (Imperial Nation, N.A.U. and Republic of Texas)
3 main cities at present (Settlement, Eggsville, Dallas)
4 minor outposts/towns, (Outpost 7 "Gryphon", Outpost 25 Outpost 29)
Dead cities (New Orleans City)
Power groups (Imperial Nation, N.A.U. , Republic of Texas, The Brethren, ELF, , Cult of the Machine, The Traitors(multiply groups)...)
3 races and possible more (Pureblood humans, Enhanced humans and trolls)
System is mostly D20 based
TiddlyWiki blank file for you to play with
Right click and save works best in IE.

Working with TGE or TGEA engine at present TGEA is more stable but complex. TGE refuses to work at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fallout 3 - I want it Now!

Got PC Gamer mag had video in the DVD of the intro sequence. I love Fallout, I have Fallout 1 and 2, can't get the rest. Can't wait until the release Fallout 3 (oblivion based), It would be nice if it actually showed up rather than being cancelled like the last Fallout 3 game.
Hopefully the game will be heavily modifiable as it would be a nice I think engine to chuck my game onto and have a mess around. Oblivion had a terrible levelling system that seriously messed the game up. Hopefully that pile of garbage will have been removed and some thing more realistic in place. Fallout 3 from what I have heard though has limited (read small) area of play and exploration and only a few npcs. this will be most annoying. They bloody well better get rid of the dammed invisible walls rubbish that was in oblivion, Chests with treasure and no way to get to them = totally incompetent play testers

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Importing Laser from China for 20 May 2007

I am thinking of setting up a sign making business and as part of this I am looking to get a Laser Engraver/cutter from China as they are way cheaper that those in Europe, 10 times as much in some lasers case's. I unfortunately know very little of importing stuff from china especially from companies that give prices as FOB and payment as TT. I would like help in this, mainly in who I have to talk to to get the Laser here, Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers are some I understand I need. The Laser is in China and I am looking to bring it into the West of Ireland, someone to handle all the paperwork or most of it is what I need the most. Anyone who can help give a IM or email please. If you do this all the better and if you sell laser engravers or cutters 40-60W give me a message as well with a quote/pricelist as always interested in more information.
Anyone able to help me??

Mp001 Airsoft Rifle for 20 May 2007

have a JP MP001 sniper rifle, wood coloured plastic body, 3-12x mil scope, stand and 2 x spare mags and 6,000 .25g, 6,000 .20g and 8,000 .12g or so ammo. My problem started a while after I starting using the rifle, in that I noticed it used to slip forward and double load, nothing major just a shotgun load. Then it got worse and started firing without the trigger being touched at all. This took the head of the safety knob off, Now its real bad and the bolt will not even hold on the catch when being pushed forward to load. The reason as far as I can make out is that the Piston sear is worn somewhat. I filed the edge of the sear assembly where it contacts and filed some of the material off the pin to the side of the piston sear. This resulted in it lasting about a hundred shots before starting to slip again. I am driven up the wall looking for a replacement piston sear. Gunners who I got it don't sell spare parts and the VSR 10 gspec has similar but not 100% compatible parts. I looked up a guy edgi and he has new replacement sears whoever I have to buy new cylinder and piston too, cost of these replacement upgrades are the same as what I paid for the whole gun €190. with this price I am tempted to buy VSR parts and file the hell out of them, but their potmetal as well and will probable wear out fast as well.
Any one got a source of cheaper parts or know where I can get upgrade (steel) parts for less.
13-08-2007 update
Currently 75% complete in tuning homemade steel sear just have to get the pin right and stop it jamming the cylinder. Will post finished pics in day or two.

Further update
fucked up the small spring that holds the sear up so project on hold until fixed.

Xbox Eprom Ripping 20 May 2007

I have a xbox I received, that had been soft modded and apparently fucked. As all I got on start up was a Error code 06 and a flashing lights on the front. This apparently meant it was useless, it had been error code 05 and then hot swapped resulting in the error code 06. I am doing what was done on to take the eeprom direct from the chip itself. I currently have the reader build, now I have to get the old PC functional, transfer poly prog and connect the serial reader and run the program. If all gos to plan I should be able to get the Eeprom from the sram chip and discover the password from it via liveinfo and fix my harddrive. If necessary I will format the HD and just copy the files from a new xbox on to it. and lock it with the boards password and hopefully boot up normally.
have got the Eeprom.bin from the chip after a while, ran LiveInfo v3.0 to get the HD unique key saved/printed and wrote it down. got the xbox HD in PC and no unlocked and locked with the password EXACTLY as wrote down. Plug HD in xbox and switch on and get.. Error code 06 and red/greed flashing light as before. I think something is either gone wrong or I can read the chip but the xbox cant for some reason. Had to use Hdunlock.exe and hdlock.exe as xboxhdm 1.9 cannot find the eeprom that is on the E:folder on the CDr the is really annoying.