Monday, August 13, 2007

Thieving ebay gits!

having problem with a certain thieving pack of cunts on eBay. What is annoying as hell with them is that I had bought items 2 weeks prior and no problems.
My problem?
I buy a nice airfilter and airhose I click buy now and I go to pay, I pay them using their stupid system and enter the postage they listed that day along with insurance. now due to their annoying system and paypal I paid in euros about $50 more than I should have. I then get repeated emails for different amounts of postage 4 in total. I log into myebay and the fucks have changed the postage again and looking for more money. Then I yesterday they send me a email saying I have not paid at all and putting a unpaid strike against me. I have sent emails to eBay = useless and to the thieves themselves and I get no reply from them this is not funny. Myebay page says I PAID, paypal says I PAID its in my history and got email receipt from them. My credit card says I PAID.
SO I PAID ALREADY. YOU THIEVING FUCKS. If they stike me I will name the motherfuckers here to help warn the others. As I said before what is really annoying is I had no trouble before with their cunts just two weeks before. the only trouble I had with that order was customs ripping the box the spray guns came in up. $235 is no laughing matter.
15-08-2007 update
ALL worked out, getting some of my money back and its being sent. am much happier now. Problem was computer error not taking my currency. Still lousy Automated emails in "support" are no support.

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