Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The What Type of Villain Are You

Your Score: The Altruist

You scored 1 Sane, 2 Global, and 2 Content

You are sane, with a global vision, and a contented outlook on life. You are the Altruistic Villain!

You are on your quest for world domination not for riches or glory (okay, maybe the glory), but because you just KNOW the world would be a better place if you were its ruler. And of all the other types of villains, you are most likely to succeed in your quest.

You can admit to your mistakes, and learn from them. Your minions are fiercely loyal to you, and you look out for them as best you can. You don't have many morals but the ones you have, you stick to no matter what.

This all sounds lovey-dovey but what makes you a villain, you ask? You believe the ends justifies the means and will do nearly anything to achieve your goals. Your enemies are terrified by your ruthlessness.

You have many devoted subjects, many terrified enemies (the list grows smaller everyday), one or two hardcore nemeses, and a core group of people you trust absolutely: your right-hand (wo)man, adviser, best friend, lover, and your mother.

Be careful around other villains and look out for discontented underlings: you will face many assassination attempts during your rise to power. In the end though, you are most likely to be killed by the reluctant hero: your best friend who believes that despite your good intentions, you are ultimately making the world a more terrible place to live in.

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The Altruist

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Converting Laser Scan Gap to DPI

Chinese lasers tend to use a term called "Scan Gap". Scan Gap is how far the laser moves on the Y axis for each pass of the laser. Scan Gap is where you enter your DPI for engraving. DPI is in inches and Scan Gap is in Metric, so you do some maths.

DPI/25.4 = dpmm (Dots per millimetre)

1/dpmm = Scan Gap

300/25.4 = 11.811 dpmm
1/11.811 = a scan gap of 0.0846

Some Converted for ease of use
1200 = 0.02116
800 = 0.03175
600 = 0.04233
500 = 0.05080
400 = 0.06350
300 = 0.0846
200 = 0.12700
150 = 0.1693
100 = 0.2540