Friday, November 9, 2012

to Sharre Griffin

All related removed as requested. Posting here as due to your hidden profile cannot contact you direct.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mad brewing Idea - Monster Ripper Turbocider

Exactly as the title says, I intend to have a go in next few days of doing a rather Mad Idea grade brew. Namely to get one of my cans of Monster ripper, the green ones,  and ferment to make an alcoholic drink out of it.
Monster ripper has preservatives in it that will probably need to be boiled out and then I will put the cooled down mixture into a glass bottle add yeast and hope I knocked out the preservatives enough. Got me a 1 liter bottle from Adare Farm Milk which is non homogenized so taste better even if ts €2.35 a liter. This should be good enough to do my brew in.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time messed in last 75 images

Found out I has messed the time stamp in the last 75 or so images I had put on flickr. The catch for the batteries had came loose and when i reset the time from its default of 2007. It was 12 hours behind for not catching the 24hr vs 12 clock thing. Very annoying as I had to go in and fix the damm lot of them. I am still not quite sure with some due to an 1 hour gap i am not quite sure what the hell i was doing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flickr new annoying uploader

I have seen today that flickr has a new fancy and quite annoying uploader for pics. You will say it is better and oh so great, i like the "old" one. Why, simple it is faster to just select the file and have its name showing loading and then add the description, instead of selecting a file and having to wait to load each file and the lousy way of adding descriptions, old method is better and much faster for me as i dont have a damm fast broadband. Hell what is called broadband in this country is illegal in most other places to be called broadband due to its slowness. They only upped it to 2.5 when forced to by being the slowest, they are currently fucking slow and and want too dam much money for even a shitty 8 line the fasstest you can get. its complete bollix when a damm moblile phone can have speeds of 67m in Japan. Flickr, i hope do not force this "new" uploaded upon people as for me its too slow and annoying. i have a pc dammit not a showoff phone running a damm app.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

01 Vitafit Turbocider - 1st Bottle

01 Vitafit Turbocider-  Day 52 1st bottle of nitro brew -lovely

First bottle of the first batch of Vitafit Apple Juice Turbocider. A 250ml Nobelaner bottle was chosen due to the high ABV I had decided to make this one.
15%ABV minimum is what it should be. Given the Surge problem and samples am slightly unsure of actual ABV.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Blushing Blonde - First Thoughts

Up for A Brew - A Blushing Blonde.
Beer that is. Have had it in my head for a while to brew me a pink beer and A Blushing Blonde is supposed to be pink or even Pink! This would look very nice I think for a summer brew

The basics:
Coopers Canadian Blonde
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 (700g Dextrose, 300g Maltodextrin)
500g frozen berries (in mesh bag, added on day 2)
23lt Water
21°C for 10 days

For the main fermentation
Think I will go for 20°C for 2 wks in the water bath, which is my usual routine.

Still not quite sure on Primary or secondary addition of the fruit.
Personally of the mind to do a bit of both, so I get both the colour and keep more of the colour and smell of the fruit.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Email Scammers

Russian romance scammer out of the blue.
pretty girls dont email me for no reason I am too fat. So I looked here up and it is of course a known scammer.
Scammer email:
Scammer IP: american address

Certified Public Accountant license withdrawn
Except I don't have any. french scam ip got numerous crap from them.

FedEx Information parcle scam attachment. american Chesterbrook
uses aol 9
faked a monaccoan trade company adress.

bored now of looking these up esp when its the same few muppets I can spot from the Ip alone now.