Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flickr new annoying uploader

I have seen today that flickr has a new fancy and quite annoying uploader for pics. You will say it is better and oh so great, i like the "old" one. Why, simple it is faster to just select the file and have its name showing loading and then add the description, instead of selecting a file and having to wait to load each file and the lousy way of adding descriptions, old method is better and much faster for me as i dont have a damm fast broadband. Hell what is called broadband in this country is illegal in most other places to be called broadband due to its slowness. They only upped it to 2.5 when forced to by being the slowest, they are currently fucking slow and and want too dam much money for even a shitty 8 line the fasstest you can get. its complete bollix when a damm moblile phone can have speeds of 67m in Japan. Flickr, i hope do not force this "new" uploaded upon people as for me its too slow and annoying. i have a pc dammit not a showoff phone running a damm app.

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