Saturday, October 22, 2011

damm email cloners

Been getting emails from myself, except this clone is coming from minsk, in belarus via Mobile TeleSystems JLLC servers. Claims email is part of MSN Featured Offer Newsletter, now if it was really from them I would be even more pissed. As it is I am pissed off with the email cloning monkey shaggers. Use your own emails to sell your useless russian rolex rip offs.
19 damm hops though american citys and poland, direct place is hidden.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer Beer - Brewday

Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer kit.
This is the Muntons Santa's Winter Warmer kit.
Contains the 2 1.6kg 1.4lt cans of extract.
Pack of yeast 6g
and a info leaflet showing some general brewing notes and the other beers in the range.
Muntons other kitsSanta winter Warmer - Notes.Muntons Santa Winter Warmer - FrontMuntons Santa Winter Warmer - Back
Front and back of the Kit box.

Muntons Santa Winter Warmer - Instructions
Instructions for brewing. I got slightly confused with the 36 metric pints = 18ltr thing and ended up with 19lt of wort, not 20.5lt as supposed to have.
The kit means 36 Imperial pints each 568ml not Metric pints Each 500ml. Basically I am 3 pints short. This means I underbrewed, which will result in a stronger brew. It also means I have less to drink.

Muntons Winter Warmer in the Fermenter
Both big cans of muntons santa winter warmer are in the fermenter after warming the cans up on both sides. Very dark colour and strong taste to this beer unlike what I have done before.
Both tins filled with boiling water and tossed in fermenter as well to get the maximum out and increased boiling water content.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Ready for Cold Water

All mixed up including the cold water to the 19lt mark whih i had got into head was basically right, I was worried I had actually gone over with the water. Its only now I realise I was short.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Spinning

The Wort is given a good stir and agitation to get the oxygen down into the wort and doubly make sure it will be all mixed up correctly.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Hydrometer O.G. 1.054

Muntons Winter Warmer hydrometer reading a O.G. 1.054. should finish in the range of a F.G. of 1.015.
I like how the photo actually worked this time without blurring and the hydrometer actually pointed in right direction. Also distint lack of the damm fogging which usually shows when I take readings.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Stick on Thermometer.

The stick on Thermometer described as "Large Self Adhesive Liquid Crystal Thermometer (10
to 40 oC, Vertical" is a POR. I don't like it and it don't seem to be working for shit either.
Supposed to be displaying 24-25°C.

Muntons Winter Warmer - Boxed

I have the muntons winter warmer beer in a box lined with foam sheet and the white packing foam. No 2nd waterbath so I have to use primitive methods like this. Enough crap I get when doing this, imagine the crap when the kegs show up and I'm looking for a fridge.
One thing remove airlock before moving fermenter, or you lose some of your vodka.

Muntons Winter Warmer - insulated

Have taken the fermenter and coveded it up as best I can to try and keep the heat in. Not much sign of a krasen yet. Thee is some acivity with a rush of c02 from the airlock andf the lid is domed with pressure. I believe that airlocks have to wear in. The Triple which went like a lunatic with the waterbath heating it used the airlock from the Coopers canadian blonde. The bubble of co2 slips around the loop much easier than this one which "sticks" despite the pressure.