Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mp001 Airsoft Rifle for 20 May 2007

have a JP MP001 sniper rifle, wood coloured plastic body, 3-12x mil scope, stand and 2 x spare mags and 6,000 .25g, 6,000 .20g and 8,000 .12g or so ammo. My problem started a while after I starting using the rifle, in that I noticed it used to slip forward and double load, nothing major just a shotgun load. Then it got worse and started firing without the trigger being touched at all. This took the head of the safety knob off, Now its real bad and the bolt will not even hold on the catch when being pushed forward to load. The reason as far as I can make out is that the Piston sear is worn somewhat. I filed the edge of the sear assembly where it contacts and filed some of the material off the pin to the side of the piston sear. This resulted in it lasting about a hundred shots before starting to slip again. I am driven up the wall looking for a replacement piston sear. Gunners who I got it don't sell spare parts and the VSR 10 gspec has similar but not 100% compatible parts. I looked up a guy edgi and he has new replacement sears whoever I have to buy new cylinder and piston too, cost of these replacement upgrades are the same as what I paid for the whole gun €190. with this price I am tempted to buy VSR parts and file the hell out of them, but their potmetal as well and will probable wear out fast as well.
Any one got a source of cheaper parts or know where I can get upgrade (steel) parts for less.
13-08-2007 update
Currently 75% complete in tuning homemade steel sear just have to get the pin right and stop it jamming the cylinder. Will post finished pics in day or two.

Further update
fucked up the small spring that holds the sear up so project on hold until fixed.

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Healey said...

I have the same problem too, fucking piece of bogside shit