Friday, October 5, 2007

Out Of a Job

My contract has finally ran out after three years there. The realisation I will have no place to go on Monday seems weird. While you can never care for a job just the money. You get used to doing something. It has helped me over the years to become more "normal" in my interactions with other people, as prior to this I liked people even less than I can stand now.
What really surprised me was the fact I was given a going away tea. Basically a get together with tea and cake. Got a €100 voucher which was totally unexpected and some photos were took. I never got a chance to properly relax at it as such as had to go and bring the sister to her work experience.
You feel weird when you have not much to do, after doing so much for so long. You also worry about the future more than ever now. I have plans to get my laser engraver, but its a huge chunk of my savings to spend now. Is so hard to know what to do at times, you feel frustrated beyond anything. Fear of the future can be a total bitch.

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