Sunday, October 21, 2007

150 Chances to Win Each Day

Wabbadabba is a new search engine powered by Yahoo! that gives away prizes like Plasma TV’s and Amazon vouchers just for searching. It's so simple to sign up and check it out.
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Give it a blast 150 chances to win each day.

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Anonymous said...

I work with wabbadabba in promoting their site and thought you might be interested in their latest festive give-aways. I have pasted some info below..
It's all a bit of fun - and thought you might want to know about it.


wabbadabba (, the search engine powered by Yahoo! that lets you win prizes just for searching, has today launched what could be the silliest Christmas prize extravaganza based on the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ rhyme!

,Adding to the thousands of prizes (such as Amazon vouchers and Nintendo Wiis) already given away by the search engine, the light-hearted take on the Christmas rhyme will see the traditional gifts in the song replaced by fun wabbadabba presents such as:

A partridge in a pear tree – A cartridge and a rare cup of tea
Two turtle doves – Two purple gloves
Three French hens – Three wrench tens (10mm Spanners)
Four calling birds – Four Lemon curds
Five golden rings – Five stolen things (form around the wabbadabba office!)
Six geese a-laying – Six police songs playing (a police CD)
Seven swans a-swimming – Seven Bonds for Spinning (Casino Royale DVDs)
Eight maids a-milking – Eight dairy Milks for eating (Dairy Milk chocolate bars)
Nine ladies dancing – Nine Daisies for planting (Daisy seeds)
Ten lords a-leaping – Ten Chords for Weeping (Cheesy Air Guitar songs CD)
Eleven pipers piping – Eleven Pipers for Swiping (bags of Pipers crisps
Twelve drummers drumming – Twelve funds for Plumbing – Sanitising a well (see below)

Ben Akin-Smith, Head of Innovation at wabbadabba said: “We’ve been having a great time at wabbadabba Towers giving away prizes since we launched back in September and we thought this would be fun at Christmas. We also feel strongly about giving to those less fortunate hence the twelfth day has a slightly more serious message, with twelve lucky wabbadabba users not only winning Amazon vouchers but having two drinking wells made safe for families in Sierra Leone in their name.

”It’s taken people a while to realise there are no catches and it really is as simple as searching and winning, but people are really getting the hang of it now. Prizes are flying off the shelves as more and more people use wabbadabba to inject a bit more fun in to what can be a mundane everyday task.” Adds Ben.

wabbadabba will be giving away the prizes in addition to its normal prize quota starting today.

wabbadabba is the first search engine of its kind, next time you want to search on the internet and to add a bit of festive fun into a mundane task just visit

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For more information please contact Bridget Taylor or Rachel Brewin on the wabbadabba press team at BOTTLE PR on 01865 882988 or by email at or

wabbadabba is the only search engine in the UK to give users prizes just to find the information they need on the internet. There is no need to even click on the links, just by entering a search term the user is eligible for a prize.

By inviting friends to search, the chance of receiving a prize is increased. Every time a friend wins a prize so does the user who invited them, so as you get more friends to sign up, your chances of winning increase dramatically.

• No pre-registration is required to search with wabbadabba, contact details are only entered when a prize is won, in order for the prize to be issued and delivered
• wabbadabba choose not to give contact details to any third parties or send spam
• wabbadabba is a profit making company that generates turnover by receiving money from the search result providers
• Prizes are limited to three per household per month

World Vision’s ‘Sanitise a well’ gift is simple but effective, offering the chance to prevent illness and save many lives. World Vision’s project in Jong, Sierra Leone is supplying chlorine to sanitise a village well for an entire year. This will particularly benefit local children, who are most vulnerable to potentially fatal waterborne diseases. Please click here for further information.