Thursday, November 22, 2007

Postal X Collectors Edition I Have It!

I have gotten hold of my favorite game in a collectors box edition. One of the few boxes I have bothered with getting for any game. Postal X! Its brilliant I love this game for a good blast, so much better than just playing the good guy doing the morally right thing to do. Too much morality in the world not too much evil as others say. Morality is the source of all evil, is some thing I believe in.
Had a good go at the weekend game "Apocalypse Weekend" which has a weird feel and look to it. The scenes with the swirly effect when you get the head pains are painful to me at times trigger headaches and eyepain, not good. Then had a go at AWP. I have cheats and I love the new weapons. The machete is great for cutting people down to size and the cheat weapons like the Nuke Launcher and the Shrunken Machine gun are great. I am going to mod the hell out of this game like I did the original version.
Came with 2 discs
1 x DVD contains the Postal games
1 x CD containing "music to go Postal by" actually no! it contained the ph8 album "Fortune Favors the Bold" and one track "Insomnia" by Chiraw. Not the 14 Different track by varying artists supposed to be on it.
1 x Instruction sheet in interesting style and 4 languages
2 x play sticker sheets
Bunch of expanded polystyrene curls The packing stuff, I hate! this stuff as tend to break up and get everywhere still better than shredded paper as you spend half the day just picking that stuff up.

The Front of the box in the style of a cereal box.

The Collectors edition number, a bit high but no matter.

The back complete with Puzzles to complete (as if)

The Inserts A cartoon sheet to recreate you favorite scenes from the games

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