Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me

Flickr and its idiots are starting to bug me is the dammed problem. Too many loony animal rights PETA terrorists on the damm thing, am getting harassed by them as well. Its no wonder its called a war. PETA should be put down like the animals they think they are. Any group that values animals over humanity and regards humans as little more than animals should be stomped out. America get your act together and get rid of your domestic terrorists before you go wasting billions on the foreign terrorists. You have let Iraq goto shit when you had a chance to control it and turn it into the 53rd state. This would have given you more control of the world and forced that terrorist laden part of the world to cower in fear. It would also have raised the living standards of what is a shithole to that of a decent level of living.

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