Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Computer is Back and Repaired

My computer is back from germany all repaired and ready to go. I still have not checked if the D: is still wonky with files that cannot be deleted, but it had to run the scandisk prog on startup and repair some index that was damaged so perhaps the D: drive function righ now.

They replaced the power supply and installed a new motherboard along with a new front plate. They did not touch the front USBs however which is annoying as they are broken, due to small prople putting usb sticks in upside down. The data was all still there. I was in my own way hoping they would wipe so I would have a new start to work from. As it is I am getting used to my NEW compter I bought while the other one was getting repaired. The NEW one is Vista and while its bloody useless for working with my chinese sofware controlled laser it is starting to appeal to me. or Rather the tabs in IE7 are, so now I can trawl the net more with related seachs without getting quite so confused. Vista's User profiles are getting to me though, 4 bloody clicks to delete or rename a file. Even when I am the Admin! IE7 give me my image bar back you thief. Now I have to figure out wghat I am doing with the old PC, probable let brothers use it for music as it has 2 drives and the NEW only 1.

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