Monday, March 31, 2008

Muslims Outnumber Catholics

Muslims more numerous than Catholics

What is going on here, this is not right. As a catholic even a lapsed catholic going to atheism this is annoying. We need the world to go onwards, not to be dominated and heading into the past. This is the sort of crap I hate. You have the muslins breeding like a plague and the Catholics dying out as they get older and suffer that horrible western condition where your job is worth more than having a family. The result the population gets older and older and the overall population gets small so your enemies win out by the ancient practice of simply reproducing faster. I come from a small country that in my lifetime will see the extinction of my pureblood race, by simple interbreeding with outside bloodstock. I have nothing against this as I am not helping the situation with my own reproductive interests. It is simply something that bugs the hell out of me, this constant interbreeding and extinction of my race, small that the group is. This interbreeding and destruction of our culture is not good in the long run. Why is there more diseases that ever affecting people, I thing the intermingling of bloodstocks is creating a mongrel bloodline. And all mongrels are heavy with mutations that have a negative effect. There have been several families’ that are well known where this negative effect of the mutation has shown up in the public eye.
It is a unfortunate problem that the current political correctness that is infecting the population at large is also destroying common sense. The correct way to do thing is to have the cells tested before birth and the polluted genetic structure either fixed or deleted. I am a genetic purist, this dos NOT mean white supremacy just cause I am white. Genetic Purity means not allowing degenerative mutations to live in the new gene lines. Every time you have sex and produce a child their gene code is new, they are the new gene lines of the world. It is YOUR fault that your child is a mutant, a Degenerate that does not help the world only sucks up resources that could be used to help a child prodigy to get out of poverty so they could benefit the whole of Society for the entire planet. If you have money and have access to the new tests you have absolutely no excuse to further burden the world with your foul degenerate mutant scum. If you do not have access well I can’t help you try to put the world a better place.
What has this to do with Muslims and Catholics, not fucking much except for their fear of science and their love of mutants, they do NOT help the world by breeding mutantkind. Both of these groups have their blasted zealots, whose only purpose seems to be the destruction of they world. Either the bomb their way about the world, we all say that’s against the Muslims. But you forget the zealots of the Catholic faith and its various spinoff religions through the years. They have used bombs a plenty to kill their own kind and men of science. Both sides use words and politics to convince others to join their sides and kill for their twisted views. In a few centuries this world will be one colour (not white) and one language hopefully it will be without religion and with a pure genetic code. Will the stupidity of religion still exist I bloody well hope not assuming we have not been all caught up in a massive world way caused by oil, energy or most likely religion.

Religion in case you forgot has caused more wars and deaths than another cause before it.

Religion says see the light and feel the glory of
I say see the Light and Feel the of the Power of My nuclear weapons, die zealot die.

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Kevin said...

You may not be a white supremacist, but your ideas about racial interbreeding are failed throwbacks to the eugenics movement of the early 20th Century, which was championed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. Interracial breeding keeps the gene pool diverse and healthy, whereas breeding strictly within small isolated communities causes degradation of the genetic code. So your thinking is completely reversed from what is the accepted truth by the global scientific community.