Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh Ostrich eggs Arrived

The ostrich eggs I ordered has finally shown up. I got them from Lesa Floeck. They came a long way but they finally showed up. I Have had ostrich eggs before and they are brilliant and should keep my egg fetish at bay for a while. Next to get is Rhea eggs which I have not been able to get in ages. Last time ordered them from someone else the order was mixed up and I got shells I wanted the whole egg. So now i wait for thenm to come when they get in season.

4 Ostrich Eggs as Arrived
Yes they did arrive packed in disposable Nappies.
Ostrich Egg 1
This one is not too great in size or shell Quality, it is rather thin.
Ostrich Egg 3
A better size and quality of Ostrich egg

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