Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Brewing Kit

I have decided to try my hand at home brewing a beer for myself. there are no Local home brewing shops in my county so its online for me. Otherwise its a 100 mile round trip, sod that i can get delivered for fiver.

Ordered a BrewSmarter Premium Starter Beer Kit with is the bottler and heater belt and a 33lt fermenter & Coopers Canadian Blonde kit as a upgrade. Got the Brewing sugar as recommended and the Coopers Carbonation drops. Also got various paddles and a capper for glass bottle then bought 2 packs of Coopers Ox-Bar 500ml PET bottles as they are supposed to keep the beer good for longer with a special coating.

33lt Fermenter bucketLittle Bottler System
The Fermenter and the "Little Bottle" bottling wand and tap.

Airlocks and Bung Glass Demijohn 5L airlock
3 Airlocks - 1 with bung for the Demi John and 2 for the fermenters.

Brew Belt "De-luxe" Telescopic Syphon
A heater for the fermenter and a "Deluxe syphon", buy the auto its easier than this.

Hydrometer and Trial Jar
Hydrometer this is bloody important piece of kit. Stupid hexagon base keeps falling off.

Coopers Canadian Blonde
Coopers Canadian Blonde kit, no kit means no beer.

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